replacement parts EP

by Patches and Pins

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Produced and engineered at The Engine Room in Philadelphia, Pa
recorded there sporadically from January to May 2017
engineered, mixed, and mastered by Dave Sampson

songs by Patches and Pins
you'll hear guitar, bass guitar, and vocals by Brendan Schaller
you'll hear guitar, bass drum, and alto saxophone by Dave Sampson

art layout by Austin Vitacolonna
thanks to Dave, the Ranch, my friends
in memory of Sox (the cat) and Josie (the dog)


released August 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Patches and Pins Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Patches and Pins

yells things in rooms

responds eventually

Thanks for listening.

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Track Name: 500 Days (of Obsessive Behavior)
I used to not bother undressing
kick off my shoes and I'd count all my blessings
late nights in my room, heavy breathing
late mornings still feeling like garbage
you told me the best for somebody
was to make them coffee, come morning
but you didn't stay, you just ended up leaving
and I don't recall feeling that sorry

lately it's too much time scraping
my man Huey Lewis, a picture of nothing
cookie cut half-baked apartment
- a beautiful view of a better apartment
getting off solely on sympathy
and missing things more than they miss me
and in case it still matters - I'm drowning
"but maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me
after all"

I know I told you I wouldn't be home when you got home

I didn't mean to get so high and lazy
I'm sorry, let's hang out on Friday
it's stupid, I was out picking Daisy
and I still don't like it as much as you liked me
Track Name: New Beds
I ain't never seen nobody climb a prison wall like that
history pressed against my back, kiss you between your heart attacks
I can't help falling to pieces whenever I hear that song
I heard you sing in the morning when you put your makeup on

and I was yours from then on

glassy-eyed and cotton-mouthed
they still haven't figured us out
we're through trying to put these ghosts to rest
so let's break the floorboards beneath the bed
and show them that we still exist

and she sang Samson in my head
on that chair you painted red
'she ate a slice of wonderbread
and she went right back to bed'

I can't believe I'm missing
late night confessing
like when we lived in each others' heads
before we both got new beds

how long have I been missing?

glassy-eyed and cotton-mouthed
still haven't figured this out
I'm through trying to put you to rest
let's break the floorboards beneath the bed
let's be honest
Track Name: World's Best Cup of Coffee
did you see it on our brand new big screens?
we're doing good for the community
double the rent, exploit the income opportunities
good luck with all your problems, take them further down the street
Track Name: Sox
sitting pretty on the shelf where they left you
on top of boxes that we still need to go through
haven't seen the lighthouse but I'm still looking out for you
down one-way streets with the wrong view
blew in with the debris
after the hurricane, some small relief
reinforcements for a stronghold on the beach
souls to the keep

stalled on the interstate
behind a campaign caravan of hate
clown college billboards boasting to the born and enraged
but hey, I think you're great

you gave us somewhere to pause
a place to get calm
taught us to dig our claws deep down in anywhere we belong
but you drank the fountain dry in one of your other lives

I can still see you sleeping in the sunlight

(a campaign caravan of hate, beating your chest at nothing in the battle states)
Track Name: Gordon and Gaul
if I could I would go back to the start
fix those faults that forced us apart
I'd give good advice and replacement parts
give me a tiger's jaw, give you a lion's heart

I remember the places to reach for
I remember the loose boards in the floor
I remember what we said we'd wait for